Creating a family-supportive workplace

Our goal is to help parents have a better start to parenthood and easier return to work by offering quality-controlled, vetted doula care that makes all the difference.

Supporting employees through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum makes business sense

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Higher rates of return to work
  • Reduced postpartum depression rates for both, women and men
  • Decrease in maternal mortality and morbidity rates
  • Greater health equity
  • Greater sense of belonging
  • Lower medical costs

Our Services

Even in today’s digital world, not all things can be accomplished successfully virtually. We are here to help connect you with in-person doula care that is vetted, quality-controlled, and meets your needs and preferences. Connect with us today to discuss how Alimus can support you.

For Businesses

Creating a family-supportive environment is meaningful and cost efficient for business of all sizes. Offering personalized family support eases the transition to parenthood, reduces medical costs, and creates happier, more productive employees.

For Individuals

Quality of your care matters and knowing that you’ll have the right support is invaluable. Doulas decrease risk of c-section rates, interventions, and mortality significantly. We will work with you to find doula care that is vetted, quality-controlled, and can meet your preferences and needs. 

I highly recommend using Alimus for doula support! I felt supported throughout my pregnancy, birth, and post birth.

Caity Eaves-Anderson

A great and easy way to find a doula! I had a wonderful experience and really loved my time working with my doula and would recommend this service to everyone.

Emily Nadolski

Everyone at the Alimus team was amazing. My doula and backup doula provided kind and thoughtful care. We created a birth plan and I felt very supported and educated. (…) I would highly recommend Alimus.