About Alimus

Because every parent’s journey matters…

Alimus originates from the Latin and translates to “we support” or “we nourish”. Its meaning represents Alimus’ vision of supporting all parents-to-be and improving their prenatal, birth, and postpartum experiences. Founded in 2021, Alimus mission is three-fold:


1. Provide expecting families support to achieve healthier pregnancies, improve their birth and immediate post-partum experience

2. Decrease unnecessary labor interventions, and subsequently reduce health care spend

3. Reduce maternal-fetal adverse outcomes

Over the past decade, multiple large scale studies, such as from the National Library of Medicine, WHO, Cochrane, ‘Birth: Issues in Perinatal care’ to cite a few, have proven that birth doulas are one of the most effective tools to accomplish all of the above objectives. Subsequently, to realize our vision, Alimus’ goal is to provide access to highly qualified and reliable birth doulas to families, by

1. Ensuring all our doulas meet Alimus’ high quality standards, reducing uncertainty, varying standards and complexity that exists in the market today

2. Leveraging Alimus’ matching platform and expertise to find the right doula for each family

3. Ensuring wide access to doula support is available, working with employers and health plans when possible to reduce costs to parents

About Alimus’ Founder

Kirsten Kessler has more than 20 years of business, leadership, and operational experience, including working for The Boston Consulting Group and Teach for America. When becoming a mother 2012, she saw the need to provide better maternal care to women, lower maternal and infant death rates, and reduce healthcare costs.

Comparing different pregnancy and birth support models across the globe, giving birth myself multiple times, and reading medical studies, the evidence mounted that our current system was lacking. The key differentiating factor to reduce intervention rates, lower mortality, and improve the birth experience, however, research showed is a simple one: emotional and physical support. I felt it was time to make Alimus a reality in order to provide all expecting families with the right, reliable support.

Alimus was founded with the objective to give families access to meaningful support during pregnancy, labor, and post-partum. Alimus pairs pregnant women and birth doulas, ensuring quality standards and controls are in place while having the employer, health plan or provider cover all or most of the cost for the services provided, whenever possible.

Alimus is proud to be part of the following programs: