Join a Great Doula Team, Get The Support You Need

Focus on what you love to do – let Alimus take care of the rest


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Get matched with families that are a good fit 

Don’t worry about advertising and sourcing

Reduce paperwork and administrative tasks

Alimus will support all back office activities

Get emotional, mental, and informational support

Access doula group and professional support

Keep your flexibility and set your schedule

Stay in control of how many  families you want to support

Alimus’ Values


Accountable, honest and consistent in word and action with the Alimus mission


Understanding and empathizing with every parent’s needs and wishes


For each other, parents, families and providers


Serving all parents and families to the best of our ability

Health equity

Making prenatal, birth, and postpartum support more accessible to all parents

Why join our team?

  • Be matched directly with parents-to-be, eliminating the need to continuously source new clients
  • Have flexibility around when and how many mothers you want to support throughout the year
  • Reduce your administrative burden
  • Be part of a community and get support from Alimus when you need it
  • Receive continuous education
  • Make a difference in mothers’ and babies’ lives and have lasting impact on the health care system
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Frequently asked Questions

What are requirements I need to meet to become an Alimus doula?

All our Alimus doulas will undergo a background check. We further require that you have been trained or certified from one of the Alimus approved doula organizations and have supported multiple births since becoming a doula. If you don’t meet these entry requirements yet, we can help set you up with the appropriate training and volunteer program so that you can qualify to become an Alimus doula.

What if I have not been formally certified as a doula?

If you are passionate about supporting mothers and improving birth outcomes, we will help match you with the right program so you can meet all of Alimus requirements. Alimus can help pay for the training program up-front and will deduct expenses from your payments over the course of your first five births.

I don’t want to accept mothers during the summer when my kids are at home. Is this possible?

Yes, you may choose to not support mothers during specific times of the year (e.g., summer break or planned vacation times).

When joining Alimus, will I be a contractor or employee?

Currently, all our Alimus doulas are contractors.

How will I get paid?

Alimus will pay part of your fee when you are matched with a family and the remainder when you have completed your postpartum check in and completed the feedback survey.

Is there a maximum number of births I can attend every month?

To prevent conflicting births and allow enough time to engage with your moms-to-be, we ask that Alimus doula cover a maximum of 6 births/month.