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Improve maternal and fetal health outcomes for all women

Realize meaningful cost savings and higher satisfaction with care

Birth doulas change the overall birth experience significantly

28% fewer cesareans

31% less use of Pitocin

34% fewer negative experiences

9% drop in use of pain medication

40 min shorter labor

12% more spontaneous births

Higher Apgar score

Increased breastfeeding

Source: Journal of Perinatal Education 2016

How we partner with insurance companies, employers, and providers

Alimus' objective is to give mother’s access to meaningful support during pregnancy, labor, and post-partum. Not only have large scale studies, such as from the National Library of Medicine, WHO, Cochrane, ‘Birth: Issues in Perinatal care’, shown that this improves the overall birth experience, but it drives meaningful cost savings by reducing unnecessary interventions, reduces maternal and fetal death, and improves overall health outcomes for mom and baby.

To accomplish our mission, we partner with you to provide access to a quality-controlled doula network at no or minimal charge to expecting women, eliminating cost as a barrier which 88% of women cite as a key factor to not opt for labor support*. Alimus leverages a digital matching platform to enable women to select the right doula for herself, ensuring high quality standards and controls in a currently unregulated market to reduce complexity and uncertainty. Our partnership helps improve your end customers’ experience while reducing your overall spend.

*source: National Center for Biotechnology Information

Advantages of partnering with Alimus

Improve maternal fetal health

Reduce health disparities

Realize meaningful cost savings

Increase satisfaction with care

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