Get The Doula Care You Want And Need

Because every parent’s journey matters…because YOUR journey matters

At Alimus, we believe every parent deserves pregnancy, labor & postpartum support. Each parent should have the right and opportunity to realize their desired birth experience. Alimus’ mission is to improve birth outcomes, help mom and baby have a successful start and advocate for every parent and their needs.

To make our mission a reality, Alimus provides parents-to-be access to a network of Alimus doulas who all have met extremely high quality standards and certifications.*

Subsequently, by helping you choose the right doula, we help reduce uncertainty, complexity and eliminate the long, tedious search process when choosing the right doula for you. After signing up with Alimus, an Alimus care manager will help select a number of good matches for you based on your location, availability, and other preferences you indicate. Furthermore, we try to work with employers, health care plans and providers whenever possible to ensure we can offer our services to you at the least charge possible.

*A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to parents before, during and shortly after childbirth to help achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. A doula is a non-medical care provider. Alimus doulas are required to meet specific training and certifications standards.


How an Alimus doula supports you


Emotional and physical support during pregnancy and the entire birth


Evidence-based information and a thought partner


34% better experience & 40 min shorter labor


Alimus doulas meet high qualification requirements


28% fewer cesareans


Postpartum check in

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my Alimus Doula is unavailable when I go into labor?

Alimus Doulas have a limited number of moms they work with during any given time period as to ensure that your Alimus Doula is available when your labor starts. However, in the unlikely case that your Alimus Doula is not available due to an unforeseen event or emergency, you will have a backup Alimus Doula. Your Alimus Doula will introduce you to your backup doula before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Your Alimus Doula will also ensure that all your wishes and information are shared appropriately and confidentially so that your support could continue seamlessly.

I may be in labor but I am not sure. Should I call my Alimus Doula?

Yes. Please contact your Alimus Doula when you think you may be in labor, even if you are unsure. Your Alimus Doula can listen and answer questions, recommend activities that can help identify if real labor has started, and offer thoughts on initial comfort measures. This will also allow your Alimus Doula plan ahead and be available when needed.

My contractions started or my water broke. When should I call my Alimus Doula?

Please call your Alimus Doula as soon as you think you are in labor or when your water has broken. This will allow your Alimus Doula to clear her schedule and be available when needed.

When will my doula meet me when I am in labor?

Your Alimus Doula will meet you either at home or at your place of birth. You may ask your Alimus Doula to join you at any time when labor has started and you would like support.

Can my doula attend a “free” homebirth (without attending midwife or MD)?

No, Alimus Doulas are not permitted to attend free homebirth. We require that a midwife or a MD is present during the birth.

How does my Alimus Doula support me before birth?

Your Alimus Doula will meet with you twice before birth. Responsibilities include helping you think through a birth plan that’s right for you, discuss options available to you during the birth, and ask how you feel most supported. Once you meet your Alimus Doula, you can reach out directly via email, phone or text to ask any questions that may come during your pregnancy. If you have concerns, fear, or past trauma, your Alimus Doula will help discuss options available to you and support you during the process.

How does my Alimus Doula support me during birth?

Your Alimus Doula will join you at your place of birth or at home, depending on when you would like your Alimus Doula to join you. Your Alimus Doula will provide you with comfort options and measures during contractions, discuss options with you, should you need to make a decision, and be your support person throughout the entire birth process. Your Alimus Doula will stay 1-2 hours after births, making sure you and baby have a chance to connect and settle in.

Can my significant other / partner attend the birth if my Alimus Doula is present?

Yes, we believe that when a baby is born, a family is also born. Your Alimus Doula will discuss with you beforehand what role you’d like your partner to play and help facilitate your wishes during the birth if medically possible (e.g., cutting of the umbilical cord).

How much does partnering with an Alimus Doula cost me?

Whenever possible, Alimus partners with employers, health plans and providers to offer parents doula support at the lowest cost possible. When you sign up, we will check with your employer, health plan and/or provider and will inform you about your options and associated costs.

How do I arrange additional care with my Alimus Doula after the post-partum session if I so desire?

Let us know if you are looking for postpartum support  and we are happy to help you arrange appropriate care.